Package com.yottagames.mafiawar
Version 1.3.152
File Size 56M
Supported OS 2.3 and up
Developer YottaGames
Category Strategy

What's New in Mafia City v1.3.152

  • 【New Content】
  • 1.Vigilante System:
  • (1) Vigilante can be used in Underground Tournament and Clan Contest
  • (2) Whole new Biker Vigilante—Paul, Awaiting Your Orders!
  • 【New Feature】
  • 1.Clan Announcement: New Translation Feature
  • 2.First time using private message will remind player to not give out personal info
  • 3.Include certain sound & special effect
  • 【Optimize & Adjust】
  • 1.When privately messaging players from other City, include City info at the end of players name