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June 25, 2018

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â–¶ Create your own deck with various type of heroes!
Enjoy King's raid story with your charming heroes!!

â–¶Realtime PVP Arena!
PVP in realtime! Stand against powerful opponents!!

â–¶Experience Raid boss in various scale
Challenge Raid boss with your friends.

â–¶Action style with more excitement
No more useless skill casting
Use skill in the right timing to beat your opponents.

[17th Aug Update]

- 8 New Costumes will be added
- Guild Name Change Ticket Nick Name Change Ticket
- New Costume 30% Discount Event
- World Boss Reward Revamps
- Ui Revamps
- Bug Fix

[Ingame Event]
1. Every 1/3/5th weekends (Sat, Sun) of the Month: 10 Royal Treasury Entries per day
2. Every 2/4th weekends (Sat, Sun): 10 Upper Dungeon Entries per day (When reset using rubies, gain 5 entry tickets as usual)

If you want More Detail.
Community Page:

※ King's Raid requires following permissions.
- Write/Read External storage
This function will be used when you save or read the game's data in external storage.

- Audio record
This function will be used only when recording game play.

King's Raid APKs

King's Raid 3.1.0

King's Raid 2.97.1

King's Raid 2.42.2