May 17, 2018

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Main features
· Saves notification messages shown on Noti-bar
· Keeps your Noti-bar clean
· Search notifications from all apps at once

Read messages privately.
Don't miss anything from now on - read all messages.
Read privately, without leaving "read mark" on messengers.

Simple interface.
Easy to read.
Easy to manage.

Special Note
Recently, we've seen a few Chinese phones that come packaged with a system task killer or battery optimizer. These prevent Notisave from working efficiently. Please find the "do not stop" list in their settings, and add Notisave as an exception.

1) Open Security App, then open Battery, then App Battery Saver. Here, select "No restrictions" for Notisave
2) Open Security App again, then Permissions, then again Permissions. Here, enable autostart for Notisave

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