Package com.special.warship
File Size 96.13 MB
Supported OS 4.2 and up
Developer Special Gamez
Category Strategy

What's New in Battle Warship: Naval Empire v1.3.6.9

  • 1.Enhanced attributes of carriers - Ford, Shinano, Marado, Turtle Ship, May 25th
  • 2.Skill development of Chakri Naruebet
  • 3.Event reward improvement (War Time & Warship Builder)
  • 4.Added new way to get reward of War Time – Loss warship
  • 5.NEW world BOSS – Magic Manticore
  • 6.Bug fixes
  • -Dodge of Magic Shark is invalid carrier
  • -Battle video is inconsistent with the battle report
  • -Carrier has not recovered HP after It attacks pirates and upgraded