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June 25, 2018

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Running mate provide energetic music that can increase your workout motivation. It's the best workout music app.

Music is a great source of motivation because it releases extra dopamine into your brain during your workout. We make mixes build in BPM (Beat Per Minute) which you can choose to fit your running pace. The music can keep your staying in rhythm and drive you to breathe evenly.

Highlight features for running mate:
? High quality workout music, popular workout music in 2018
? Different BPM that syncs with running speed
? Various music genre. Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, R&B and much more
? Smart, simple and beautiful design

You can use it with your fitness apps, play the workout music in Running Mate before your start to run. And it is not only useful for running, but also effective for other workout

Enjoy every workout with Running Mate, just keep running!

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