June 25, 2018

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An app designed to look and feel like the OS featured in-game.

It is capable of "calling" the device it is running on, as well as other nearby devices that both have the application open and are paired via bluetooth. The call will simply open the animated Dokk OS logo and vibrate if enabled. Of course, they must have bluetooth turned on as well for it to work. To call others, simply pair the devices and check the box next to the names of the devices you want to call. Then, press the large button on the right side.

The app also features a basic alarm, allowing you to set a time at which your device will call itself.

The camera function only plays the initial animation.

This app in no way accesses or interferes with other devices (or other applications) without authorization. The communication feature only functions with extensive and explicit permissions from both parties (application must be installed on both, application must be open on both, bluetooth must be enabled on both, both must accept a bluetooth pairing, both must be within bluetooth range).

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