June 25, 2018

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Do you have a Newfy? Yes, a Newfoundland, Newfie, Newf or whatever other cute nickname you have for these beautiful dogs.

?We have created a brand new app with over 200 Newfy Emojis! There already 200+ emojis ready to be shared in minutes after you download.

You have the ability to customize any of these emojis to create literally endless combinations!

Oh, did I mention Newfy Memes? You will have that feature added as well (in the next month). Adding backgrounds to these emojis and then add texts to create truly cute and fun Memes.

Here's how you can get started today.

1.) Purchase and download the app

2.) Create a user account (free) with either an email or facebook.

3.) Start using the emojis

4.) Have other devices? No need to purchase again, just download the app and sign in.

Be sure to share share with all your Newfy Friends.

Want your Newfy Turned into an emoji? Several emojis in the app were inspired from real Newfs. Just download the app and contact us through there or email us directly at

NewfyMoji APKs

NewfyMoji 1.1