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May 09, 2018

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SuperFood - Healthy Recipes offers free access to tasty and healthy recipes using regional ingredients that you can save in our grocery list. We offer a healthy diet through a diverse selection of healthy recipes, easy to cook - from local and seasonal dishes to low-carb and yummy vegetarian recipes.

For a healthy diet we need healthy recipes. Superfood nutrition can help you to reduce health risks. People in western countries are increasingly suffering from cancer, heart disease, high blood levels and high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Superfoods are good at controlling these symptoms by strengthening the immune system, providing better fat, providing enough fiber and meeting our protein needs.

Find healthy and tasty recipes, as well as low-carb recipes which will have a major impact on your health and fitness.

? Choose your favorites from many tasty and healthy recipes
? Share your healthy recipes with friends and family
? Add yummy recipes and ingredients to your grocery list
? Information about Superfoods from your region
? Portion calculator and nutritional information for each recipe
? Seasonal calendar for fruits and vegetables
? Vegan, vegetarian, high-protein, low-fat and low-carb recipes filter
? Share all recipes via Mini Web App for non-Android/iOS users
? Cooking mode that keeps the screen on while cooking

Healthy diet with weekly, healthy and tasty recipes for every taste - simply yummy!

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