Package com.incorporateapps.fakegps
Version 4.9.6
File Size 1.0M
Supported OS 2.2 and up
Developer IncorporateApps
Category Entertainment

What's New in Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer v4.9.6

  • Always uninstall before updating if moved as system app otherwise the app will not work properly!
  • 4.9.6
  • -improved spoofing
  • old:
  • -fixed unknown street
  • - search coordinates
  • -Optimized No-root mode
  • -better spoofing no root mode-less rubberbanding
  • -New mode-"no root" under settings
  • -Link to the Joystick and Routes app under settings
  • -Android 6.0 and above system app support
  • -Expert mode improved
  • -adb shell support
  • -Tasker integration, read the description

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