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June 13, 2018

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Pixel Origin is an adventure game that provides IDLE function. It enables the players to hunt for pixel monsters and battle anytime and anywhere

Auto & Offline Rewards
Players can get a bunch of rewards even when offline! Endless adventures and stories help you explore the monster world easier!

Epic Pixel Monster & Super Evolution
Hundreds of classic cool pixel monsters available! Rich functions and ways to develop the power of your monsters! Build your best monster team!

Mon Fight & To Be the Strongest
Advance toward the path of the Strongest! Rich PVP and PVE modes in gym, arena and to be the strongest trainer in monster match!

Special System & Z-Move
In addition to the game‘s rich contents of pixel monster characters, skills, species and formations, the Z-move system can also boost the power of your Legendary Pixelmon! Time to bring back your childhood memories!

Pixel Origin APKs

Pixel Origin 1.0